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Meaningful Monday: Guest Ashton Thornburg

Great is His Faithfulness is not just a song, a title, or a passing thought. He IS faithful, and we see proof of His faithfulness to us every single day. Meaningful Mondays are posts from guests who are willing to share their thoughts, lessons, and experiences on how faithful He has been in their lives.

I am thrilled and blessed to have my niece join us this week as she shares how the Lord helped her through several transitions from high school to adulthood and from one career to another. It is such an incredible gift to watch the Lord work in the lives of young people, and even more incredible when those blessed youth realize where their blessings come from. I encourage you to take a peek at Ashton's own blog when you finish reading her story, and I pray that you will be blessed and encouraged as I am.

Traveling has always been something that has been a calling on my heart. The first international trip I took to France, Italy, and Greece, I knew that I had found my passion. I have such a servant's heart, and I knew I wanted to project that through traveling, but being so young I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

When I graduated high school, I figured out that I wanted to be a flight attendant. At 18 years old, with a fresh, shiny, new diploma and the world at my feet, I was terrified but also excited that I knew what I wanted to do. To become a flight attendant, you have to be at least be twenty, and for some major airlines twenty-one. The day I turned twenty, I applied.

The hiring process for a flight attendant is a bit tedious, and a lot of people lose faith, and want to give up. It’s a long process, and a lot of people do not get hired by the first airline they apply to, or even multiple. I was on a Facebook page that had a bunch of people wanting to attain the same goal as me, and seeing all their negative posts really got to me. I knew that God had placed this calling in my heart, and I knew deep down I would get the job. Five months later, I heard the words “You’re hired." FIVE MONTHS FROM THE TIME I APPLIED!!! 

Previous to flight attending I had served at this restaurant. I loved that job: it taught me a lot about people, myself, how to budget money, how to treat different people, how to interact with rude people, and how to love people even when they are so hateful. Every restaurant is toxic in a way, because well if ya know, ya know. Haha. When I got hired as a flight attendant, I went back and told my General Manager. She was so happy for me, and then a few weeks later, she told me she would be leaving as well. I was crushed. I knew that I didn’t want to work at that restaurant without her being the manager.

When I received my training dates for flight attending, Jan 8th, 2019, I started training. My old manager left that restaurant exactly one week before I left. Then my best friend, who also worked there, got a better job offer the same week I left as well. It was like all of our seasons were coming to an end together at this restaurant at the same time. Honestly, I just think about how it was completely God. 

I headed off to training, and started learning all the ways to become a flight attendant. The airline I work for has four bases: DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth), ORD (Chicago O'Hare), MIA (Miami), and LGA(LaGuardia). Everyone in the industry knows when you get hired as a new flight attendant you get sent to ORD or LGA. DFW and MIA are such senior bases there is normally a line for the transfers to happen. Well, my firecracker, prayer-warrior Momma was not having that. She prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more that I would get DFW as my base. Obviously, I wanted DFW as my base too, because that’s my home, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up. But then I got my base... DFW. 

Straight. Out. The. Gate. WHAT????

I honestly just started laughing, because God has a sense of humor, and I could just see him up there like, “Watch this," and BOOM gave me DFW as my base. 

It just goes to show that God knows the desires of your heart. If you trust in Him, everything will fall into place. I was in a season at my restaurant, but He took me out of it, along with some of my closest friends all at the same time, and all on to bigger and better things.

I’m a flight attendant. Again, I’M A FLIGHT ATTENDANT who got hired by the first airline I ever applied to. I got DFW as my base, and I am now off probation (the six month mark of being a flight attendant) I thank God everyday for this opportunity, and for keeping me home with my family while I get to travel for my job.

Just goes to show with good prayer warriors in your corner, God on your side, and a goal you won’t stop until you’ve achieved, you can conquer the world. 

About our Guest Contributor:

Hi, I’m Ashton. Christina’s amazing niece (if you didn’t already know). I’m 21 years old, live in Dallas, Texas, and am a flight attendant. I have been a flight attendant for seven months now, and travel everywhere.

I have an amazing boyfriend, Peyton, and we’ve been together for five years. I also have two dogs: Harper, and Cassie (my little fur babies).

I recently started my own blog about being a flight attendant and my adventures with that. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and if you want to follow Ash-Ventures here is the link: https://ashtonthornburg.wixsite.com/website

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