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Meaningful Monday: Guest Marsha Borden

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Great is His Faithfulness is not just a song, a title, or a passing thought. He IS faithful, and we see proof of His faithfulness to us every single day. Meaningful Mondays are posts from guests who are willing to share their thoughts, lessons, and experiences on how faithful He has been in their lives.

This week, I am honored and excited to introduce my mother-in-law, friend, and mentor to you all. When Mom shared this experience with us, we lifted up our own prayers of thanks and awe to our Faithful Father who sheltered my in-laws in His hands in what could have been a terrifyingly tragic tale. Instead, He used this experience to reveal Himself and the fact that He hears our prayers and does in fact offer guidance and protection even through the unlikeliest of places and people.

God Answer Prayers!

October 2019. About 10am on a Sunday morning. We were in our motorhome going home from Colorado to Texas for the winter. The cutoff road was a good paved road we always take. It’s fairly well traveled, but with only two lanes and no shoulders. Also, no cell signal. About 45 minutes into the trip, we heard a big BANG… plop, plop, plop down the side of the RV. Oh NO! We must have blown a tire.

We found a wide enough place to pull part way off the road. Fortunately, there was no traffic that morning. But there was no flat. My husband would have thought it might be a bearing except he had recently requested they be repacked and one replaced. Still, he felt all the bearings, and they were all cool. Strange. We couldn’t locate the source of that noise either outside or inside the RV.

So, we continued on. We had several miles till the next tiny town. He kept checking the gauges for any sign of problems, but there was nothing. Nothing but a strange squeak that got louder when the RV swayed one direction over the uneven road. I was truly worried. SOMETHING had happened!

So, I prayed.

I prayed, “Lord, obviously something has gone wrong. Please keep us safe. Please let us make it to somewhere we can get help if necessary. And please, if something goes very wrong, at least let no one be hurt. We know we are blessed and thank you for all our blessings. But we certainly need your help now. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.” Over and over I prayed that – hard. Especially for no one to be hurt.

We made it to the very small town of Gardner and pulled into the vacant school yard to check the RV again. There was still no sign of trouble - except for that squeak that had gotten louder. But still, hubby could find nothing, and I still didn’t have a cell signal. The town seemed deserted, probably in church that time on a Sunday. So, he decided to head on to Walsenburg and then check things again. At Walsenburg, we still hadn’t found anything. My husband decided the heck with it, he was going to head down I-25 toward Raton pass (about 9000 ft). I was scared to death something would happen on the interstate.

As a by the way, my hubby had been planning to get a tune-up when we got home. We should have had that done sooner, because the RV kept chugging down and backfiring, especially going uphill. And Raton is definitely uphill. We slowed dramatically. Meanwhile, the squeak was still there, and louder with the sway of the vehicle. I was still praying.

We finally made the top where the going was faster, and we got up to about 60 mph. However, there was construction just over the crest, and traffic was diverted onto the frontage road, which was 35 mph. As we slowed down on the exit ramp, suddenly KABAM!!! The entire left front side of the RV fell to the road and started screaming across the pavement. My husband stood on the brakes and did his best to steer the RV to the frontage and off to the right side – all the while hollering for me to get the fire extinguisher! I was sitting on the steps by the door trying to get the band off the extinguisher when he grabbed it, leapt over me, and flew around to the left front and discharged it near the ground where the wheel used to be! Not just the tire, but the entire wheel assembly had fallen off!

The wheel plate isn't buried in the asphalt.  It's sheared off!

I was shaking, and thanking God we hadn’t flipped or rolled. My husband had seen where the wheel had flown off behind us, so he left to go get it and roll it back. The wheel had rolled to a stop against a concrete barrier. God was all over that. Without that construction, we might have been going 65 mph down that hill when that happened, and we (and perhaps others) could have died, or that wheel could have flown into someone’s windshield behind us and caused them to wreck or kill them. God was all over that. Prayer #1 was answered: no one was hurt.

While my husband was gone, a truck pulled up behind us, and the driver asked if we had a problem. I said, “Ya think? Come look.” He said his friend saw our wheel come off and called him because he is an auto repairman. This guy was a little wiry-looking, old hippy type with very long, gray hair (not sure he ever combed it), a little stooped… maybe a pot head? He said he was just called “Old Skool.” He looked like he was straight out of Woodstock. I didn’t know what to think.

Then my husband got back with the tire, and together they looked at the damage. Turned out that the previous repair guy had charged us for the bearing work but had not done it! The bearings were worn out. Meanwhile, I tried to get Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance on the phone for some help. After checking out the damage, Old Skool told us if we could get a tow, he could fix it! He said he was staying at an RV park in Raton, and it was right across the side road from an auto repair shop. He was friends with the owner, and if they could find the parts (it’s an old motorhome), they could fix it! God was all over that! Prayer #2 answered: We had a cell signal and help.

Old Skool also got talking with my husband about motorcycles, which they both have. Old Skool told a tale of driving his 90 mph one time and added, “…and no cocaine!” OMG!

While on the phone with Good Sam’s, they asked if we were in a safe place. Not really. We were partially on the single lane frontage road directly in the path of semi-trucks as they came out of the border check point and tried to accelerate back onto I-25. The Good Sam’s operator said we had to call the local authorities to come before they could request a tow truck. Sigh. Finally, the Highway Patrol came, turned their flashers on for us, and stayed with us while Good Sam’s was trying to locate a tow truck… for a 34 ft motorhome… on a late Sunday afternoon… at the top of a mountain pass.

The Patrolman looked over our situation and said, “You are blessed. This could have been such a disaster!”

Didn’t we know it! Finally, the Patrolman called us a tow out of Trinidad. They quoted us about $600. When it arrived, the tow truck didn’t shift correctly, and the driver kept complaining that his boss wouldn’t service it right, or get a new one. We trickled down the mountain in low gear and into Raton. A U-turn got us right in front of the very small repair shop, but then the driver presented us the bill, which was $900! The Patrolman had heard the quote of $600, but of course, he wasn’t around at that point, and the driver just told us what his boss told him. So, we paid the new amount hoping Good Sam’s would reimburse us, especially since they were unable to find us a tow truck themselves.

The repair shop was owned by a short man named Pete who appeared to be of Mexican/American Indian descent. The shop had no fence, and our RV had to be parked right in front along the frontage road. We were very worried about leaving the rig in the open like that, but Pete said that due to liability, he couldn’t let us stay overnight in it, and of course, he couldn’t try to find parts till the morrow. Old Skool said he would drive us into Raton to where we needed to go, and he recommended a motel that had a free breakfast and very reasonable meals the rest of the time. I took our passports and my computer laptop for safe keeping…just in case.

As we climbed into Old Skool’s truck, I saw him tuck something under his seat cover that he had just been sniffing! Great… he was a pot-head! Regardless, Old Skool was truly a Good Samaritan that whole week. God at work again!

The motel was very adequate except when we got back from dinner there was no heat, so we had to change rooms. But the food was terrific! Finally, we could relax and wonder what we had gotten ourselves into. We hadn’t taken time to research the repair shop, and we wondered about Old Skool. We worried our RV might be broken into. We were pooped, so despite our worries, we slept well. Old Skool picked us up in the morning and took us back to the shop with him.

To make a long story shorter: Repairs took five days. The bearings had to be replaced twice. After a few thousand dollars in expenses, we were back on the road. Bless their hearts - Pete and Old Skool (whose real name we learned was Joe) worked their butts off fixing our rig. A cold front had come in, and they had to lay on the ground in the very windy 25-30 degree weather working on our RV until Pete was completely satisfied that it was repaired and that the brakes worked perfectly. (The Master Cylinder had to be replaced too). We had also asked them to do a complete tune up while they were into the engine anyhow. We thanked them profusely, paid Old Skool extra for his taxi service around town, and we finally were back on the road.

My point is…. God was all over that trip and answered all my prayers: We hadn’t broken down out in the boonies all alone. No one was hurt. Man, did we ever get help! I’ve never had such a Good Samaritan as Joe was. We sailed home with no backfiring. The RV ran better than ever, and even the gas mileage improved with the tune up. God does answer prayers! Plus, He went even farther: We were reimbursed the $900. God gives you more than you ask for.

About the Author:

Howdy folks. I am Marcy Borden. The above is just one of the many adventures my hubby and I have enjoyed over the years. I'm not sure losing a wheel off the RV on the interstate would be considered fun, but it gives a whole new meaning to adventure! It really pointed out another of the many ways God has answered prayers in our lives. Too many to count. Our daughter said "Mom, y'all can't just have a vacation...it always has to be an adventure!" And we have had some lulus. I know He is taking care of us even when we don't realize it. So, remember to thank Him every day for all your blessings. Too many to count. We are blessed.

*Thank you for visiting Great Is His Faithfulness and this Meaningful Monday series. If you have a story you would like to share that displays how the Lord has been active (faithful) in your life, please contact me at greatishisfaithfulnessinfo@gmail.com. Please put "Submission request" in the subject line. Your experience could be featured as part of this blog series to help bring hope to someone else.

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