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Writing Continues

With a new Meaningful Monday post ready to share tomorrow, I realized I had not been updating this website/blog as I should have done. No one appeared to notice, so I had not felt the need to put energy where it may be wasted. Instead, I have focused on reading, proofing, writing, editing, and getting critical assessment from others regarding this book.

Honestly, this year, I have added maybe 1000 words to the draft so far.

My process is this: I sit down. I pray. I reread the part of Ruth that I am working on. I pray again. I open the draft, reread the last 100 words or so, and I start to type. I am not one to follow an outline. I use them only to give me mental direction. Beyond that, the stories I write take on a life of their own, and I go with it. This does mean that for every 100+ words I type out, I often delete that same amount when I go back and reread it.

The last six months have proven to be hard for me to write. For over three months, I sat down, prayed, reread Scripture, and began to type, but even as I was typing the words were hollow. Lifeless. Devoid of meaning. Of course, because this retelling of Ruth is one I feel led to write - I truly do feel as though the Lord has put this story on my heart to write - I find myself struggling to keep the story Biblically accurate, historically accurate, and to keep the message of Ruth in tact. Further, my prayer is that this message from Ruth is one that will touch all lives, not just women, not just widows, or moms, or daughters. The message is for all of us, and making this historical fiction one that is meaningful means much more thoughtfulness, much more prayerfulness...

That said, writing ground to a slow crawl, then to a stop. I asked two Godly women whom I admire and trust to read part of the draft and to give me their honest opinions. Am I on the right track? Is this something people will read? enjoy? draw into Ruth's story? into God's message through the example of Ruth?

Even after their validation, and expressed excitement, I still am finding it difficult to move forward more than a few lines at a time. I know He is still with me on this project, but I have a feeling there is a lesson in this that He is teaching me. I do not yet know what it is, but one thing is for certain: all timelines, goals, and expectations regarding completion and publication are currently out the window.

Still: God is in control, and my sincerest prayer is that this endeavor reflects HIM not me, so I am content to continue writing as He wills.

Thank you to those who are still following this page/blog. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me regarding progress on "Great Is His Faithfulness." With tomorrow's new guest post, I hope that at the very least, the blog will begin to become more active to offer hope and inspiration to you all.

((NOTE: If you followed my personal page on Facebook - I have turned my personal page to a family only page. For updates regarding this page, please find my "Great is His Faithfulness" page directly. Thank you.))

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