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As a writer, as a Christian, I have had great opportunities to share my skills with other authors and with readers through blogs, articles, and ghostwriting. However, in the years I have been writing, I have not been given the opportunity to write AS a Christian learning about her God.

Great Is His Faithfulness is an attempt to share a retelling of the Book of Ruth in a way that we all better understand the significance of the small book in the midst of the Old Testament.

  • Why is this book important?

  • Who is it important to?

  • Is this a book written for the women, or can men gain knowledge from it as well?

  • What can we learn from the people in the Book of Ruth?

  • How can we apply the lessons from Ruth in our lives today?

As you will discover, I am no real Bible Scholar. I am learning as I go. It is my prayer that as I learn more about Ruth, the times, the culture, the laws, the people, that you will join me on this journey and learn with me.

This is the Official Site and Blog for the upcoming release of Great Is His Faithfulness. This is also where you are invited to come learn with me, where I share the resources I am using, where we can discover together the underlying message of hope, love, redemption, and faithfulness of our God - even to the most unlikely of us.

I encourage you to scroll down and enter your email at the bottom of this website so that you can get email updates and can stay in touch throughout this journey.

Disclaimer: Great Is His Faithfulness is a FICTIONAL retelling of the Book of Ruth. This work is not to be used in substitution of the Book of Ruth itself. I am taking great pains to keep this work as historically, culturally, and Biblically accurate as possible, but by simply filling in the gaps, I am knowingly making assumptions (educated or not) that are not necessarily factual.

God bless you!

C. Borden

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